Bua Loi (Rice Dumpling in Coconut Milk)

Bua Loy (Rice Dumpling in Coconut Milk)

About This Project

Bua Loi (Rice Dumpling in Coconut Milk)

The ingredients

Glutinous rice flour 2 cups

Crushed white onion 1 cup

(For multi-colored dumpling, you can use pumpkin for yellow. Or pandan us juice for green color)

Water 1/4 cup

Coconut milk ingredients

Coconut milk 2 cups

Coconut sugar 100g

Sugar 1 cup

Salt 1 teaspoon

Soft coconut meat, eggs (optional), White sesame seeds (optional for sprinkle)


1.Boil the rice by mixing glutinous rice flour, steamed taro and water together. Knead until finely mixed. Then mold the dough into a ball. Between the mold, it should be sprinkled with a little glutinous rice flour to prevent the balls from sticking together. (If you want to make multi-colored dumpling, use added ingredients. Whether it is a pumpkin for yellow or pandanus juice for green etc.)

2.Boil water over medium heat. Wait until it’s boiled then put the ball in pot. When the balls float to the surface, soak them in cold water

3.Make coconut milk with coconut sugar, sugar and salt. Add only ½ cup of sugar. If it is not sweet enough, then add some more. Keep boiling til dissolve then turn the heat down. Pour rice dumpling into the coconut mix. Boil for a moment, then turn off the heat. Add some coconut meat if you like. If you want to make rice dumpling with eggs, put eggs in the pot following rice dumpling. Wait until the egg is cooked and turn off the heat

4.Serve in a cup and sprinkle with white sesame. Serve hot or wait til it cools down