Khanom Dok Jok


About This Project

Kanom DoK Jok (Crispy Lotus Blossom Cookie)

The ingredients

Rice flour 350 g

Tapioca starch 50 g

Sugar 1 cup

Salt ½ teaspoon

Coconut milk 1 cup

Red lime water 1 cup

Eggs 1 Egg

Palm oil for deep frying

White sesame seeds – Black Sesame Seeds         



1.Pour the ingredients into a mixing bowl. Start by pouring rice flour and tapioca starch, followed by sugar, salt, coconut milk, respectively.

2.Gradually pour red lime water during the mixing so the flour won’t stick together. And some eggs.

3.Stir all ingredients til finely mixed.

4.Pour white and black sesame and mix all the ingredients again.

5.Put the oil into the pan over medium heat.

6.Once the handle of the mold is hot, then dip it into the batter leaving upper edge of the mold slightly.

7.Slowly immerse the mold into the batter.

8.While lifting the mold from the batter, be careful not to shake the mold.

9.If you want Dok Jok shape to be beautiful, set the heat on low.

10.Immerse the mold into heated oil. When the flour hardens, shake the mold lightly to separate cookie from the mold.

11.Flip over the cookie and let it fry til it turns golden-yellow color. Better to deep fry the base of cookie a bit longer since the base is thicker.

12.Finally, take note of the brass mold. If it’s brand new it advisable to immerse the mold into the oil for a while before use.